The Help 4 Happys Mission

And so the Mission continues...

There is a group of volunteers who are currently working hard to identify changes needed, and then practically make these changes happen! They use ALL of the funds raised directly in helping these projects. The main need is that of wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories, but also, the school still needs a lot of work and renovation to improve the lives of the students. YOU can help.

As you will see in this pack and on our website, many projects to improve the school are well underway. However, there is so much more that we could do with your support. We rely on support from donations and fundraising. You can help to improve the quality of life of these inspirational yet disadvantaged students.

We work together with the school team, in particular the Headmistress, to offer better opportunities for social and intellectual development, and improved school facilities and conditions for their individual and often unique disabilities. Please have a look at the ‘Current and Future Projects’ pages for more details of the individual projects.

We need your help to make this happen.

Projects for 2016...

2016 is an exciting year for Happy's. For many years the students have not been getting the therapy input that they require.

In 2015, a fantastic therapy room was built at Happy's! We now have therapy up and running at all times, and in January 2016 appointed two new Occupational Therapists. There is also two Physiotherapists, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Recreational teacher and a Braille teacher!

This therapy input is essential in meeting the childrens complex needs.

They need detailed and specialist assessment, intervention and treatment on a weekly basis to help them to achieve individual goals. The treatment will maximise their functional ability and their independence, making their lives healthier and happier! This would also largely contribute to preventing deterioration or decline in their abilities.

This year we are looking to continue to build on these foundations, providing the therapists with the equipment they need to carry out their work. A large mirror is required for use in Physio, alongside an air conditioning unit for the therapy room as it gets so hot!

One of the other main projects is to raise enough funds to build a toilet near the children's classrooms. The children have to go back to their dormitories if they need to use the toilet, and due to their complex needs and mobility problems this if often difficult resulting in accidents and embarrassment. 

As ever, new students are arriving who have unsuitable wheelchairs and mobility aids. We need to complete a whole new set of wheelchair assessments, particularly prioritising those whose seating is having a detrimental effect on their posture, position, range of movement, contractures, and pain.

We strive to continue this work, and know that it is truly valued in enhancing the lives of these children. We thank you for your support.