Help4Happys Future Events

There are many plans currently being made to make the future brighter for the students at Happys. They are all focused around activities for spiritual, social and intellectual development of the young people, and the improvement of the schools conditions and facilities.

Some of these projects are currently started or underway as you will see on this page, however many of these are all goals and dreams for the future, ready to be put into action with YOUR help.

Group of Students
Group of Students

Spiritual Development:

  • Band for Happys with various musical instruments
  • Worship service and Sunday School/Youth lessons every Sunday
  • Bible classes twice weekdays for older youth
  • Run bible correspondence courses
  • Sponsor bible for each pupil

New Teaching Courses: The objective is to design a series of course which can be used in a variety of contexts to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ.


Key Principles: 

Focus on Jesus, focus on our lives today, written in simple easy language, rich in visual aids, illustrated with stories, involves forms of touch and teach, calls people to commit to giving their lives to God.

A variety of courses are planned but to start with the plan is to design a course which allows people to engage in a friendly, easy, fun way and both learn and experience the impact of Jesus in their lives.

naomi craft lesson
naomi craft lesson

Activities for Intellectual and Social Development:

  • Visits to USharka Marine World and Shopping Centres
  • Approach local High Schools for grade 11&12s to do community outreach e.g. extra lessons, musical instruments
  • Run Photography courses for young people and arrange Gallery Exhibition for their work
  • Monthly concert and praise nights
  • Teach to make crafts and sell at craft markets
  • Help with Physiotherapy for students
  • Hygeine Instruction
  • Candle Making and Flower Arranging for students
  • Pottery classes

Facility Improvement to School:

  • Wheelchair improvements
  • Basket/Netball Court
  • Pillows for relaxing
  • Library with Christian books and novels, nicely decorated for relaxing in evenings and weekends
  • New table tennis table
  • Pool table
  • Disabled and Exercise  Therapy Pool
  • Selection of games for game cupboard e.g. Boules, Croquet, Chess, Snakes and Ladders
  • Two new swings erected
  • Fix current bus - quote for a new bus
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Convert Storeroom to Therapy room, and therapy room to a laundry for school (with a different pupil in charge of each area to look after and take responsibility for it)
  • TV and DVD with appropriate DVDs to watch
  • Recreation Centre that will allow the kids to meet, play games, provide internet access and generally an area to meet outside school rooms and dorms. 
  • Reports and Proposal to be compiled with photos to approach various Corporates/Donors for Facility Improvement projects