Welcome to Help4Happys, helping disabled children in South Africa

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Help4happys Phone Cases

Welcome to Help4Happy’s.

Help4happy's is a charity which raises money to help disabled children at Happy's school.

The full name of the school is Mason Lincoln Special school, for the physically disabled, located in Umlazi, South Africa. The school is nicknamed "Happy's" because the hardworking Headmistress name is Ms. Happy Shoba.

We are a group of people who are involved with the work at Happy's school, and want to raise awareness and funds in order for these projects to continue and for the school and future to be improved for the disabled young people.

For the past six years it has been part of the South African Christadelphian Church preaching effort, which includes weekly visits for bible lessons and conversations, with time afterwards for games, singing, soccer and homework. 

Social media is key part of spreading the new about the work Help4Happys is doing, you can keep up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and now Google Plus